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Blessed Sacrament Chapel

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel stands to the left of the Sanctuary.

Look at the three angels on the reredos and you will see they carry shields with representations of the pelican, the Agnus Dei, or Lamb of God and wheat, the key ingredient for the bread used in the Eucharist, symbolising fertility, renewal, rebirth and abundance, in addition to Christ's body.

Two of the angels have headbands bearing red roses.

There are white roses in the corners of all three panels and acorns and oak leaves in the reliefs at either end.

Beneath the angels, on either side of the silver doors of the Tabernacle, are panels of alternating tiles with white roses and pomegranates, while a vine laden with grapes surrounds the doors themselves.

You will also find representations of pelicans, bunches of grapes with vine leaves and wheat in the ornate roof bosses of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

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