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North Aisle

Moving from the North Transept, down the North Aisle we come to the Mortuary Chapel and Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.

Looking at the arches you will see decorative 'stops' of oak leaves and vine leaves and  capitals with vines, oak leaves and acorns.

The reredos behind the altar has panels carved with roses and grapes, flowers can be found on the tiling.

There is also a stained glass window dedicated to Elizabeth of Hungary, who we met in the North Transept. Once again, she is carrying the bread, transformed miraculously into flowers.

To the left of the door you can see the Martyrs Window.

Although the window commemorates the lives of three English Martyrs, only St Philip Howard, 13th Earl of Arundel, who was martyred under Elizabeth the first, carries a palm frond.

The other two martyrs, Sir Thomas More and Bishop John Fisher, were both executed by order of Elizabeth's father, Henry the Eighth.

The nature trail inside St Marie's comes to a close in the North Aisle.

Look at the lunette in the window above the North Door and the statue of the Virgin and Child and you will see white lilies and roses.

Take a look at the lunette above the martyrs and you will see more white roses, surmounted by crowns - another symbol of martyrdom, representing the immortality of the martyrs' reputation on earth and their eternal life in heaven.